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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Kagan
    Actually, what you had done sounds somewhat similar to what one of my sisters had done to both of her knees at the same time. They didn't even send her home with a set of crutches - just a cane she borrowed from me.

    Seriously consider looking into getting an opinion from people at The Hospital for Special Surgery here in NYC. Just about every orthopedic advancement was pioneered/improved in some way by the staff there. It was because of their advanced MRI techniques showing a meniscus tear which a regular MRI already missed that I was able to convince my insurance company my surgery was not elective.

    Here is their website:
    If nothing else, they might be able to recommend some books on your situation.
    Thanks for the info. I'll do damned near anything to improve my knees. Short of letting someone cut on me again, that is. :-D I'll definitely check it out.

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    Well, I'm back from the hospital. I'm ambulatory and there's virtually no pain (I'm on Tylenol-3s), but I've been warned to look out for swelling and stop any activoty that starts it happening. To answer one question, there was a fairly significant tear in the ACL that wasn't healing properly as well as the cyst on the tibia. He removed the cyst and "cleaned" the tear/area around it (I'm not sure of the exact process, I'm afraid). It wasn't econstruction or anything like that.

    What I'd like to hear now is the kinds of adaptations people made to their own training while healing. I know about RICE, et al. I'm mostly looking for creative workarounds.

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    Ive had my left knee done about 6 years ago and had my right shoulder done three weeks ago, personally i STRONGLY suggest you dont do 'creative work arounds' because you will stress your body in different ways, i didnt realise the way i am overcompensating for having no right arm, its causing my neck to tighten and me to move my right shoulder unnaturally , which in turn is screwing my back... its not worth it in the long run, just rest and do exactly and only what the physio tells you, no more no less, not 10 sets when they say 3. You gotta look in the long run, 3 months of sensible can save you a life of hurt, especially with knees... im resigned to being a slob till the new year, then i can get back into it...

    but swimming and exercise bike was where i started back for my leg, swimming till i got bored, it builds up muscle and helps the movement, but can mislead you with how well you are doing when suddenly you arent supported out of the water.

    here endeth the sermon...

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