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    AOL Search Log fun

    If anyone missed it, AOL released search logs for a few hundred thousand users a few weeks ago for research purposes. They replaced their AOL usernames with random userids. I've been having fun at work searching through them and thought I'd put up a couple of the better MA related ones I came across today. If you'd like to check it out, there's a search engine here: http://czern.homeip.net/aolsearch/

    User 4485885... Your future rape prevention instructor?

    weapon disarming technique
    black martial arts magazine
    how many people obtain the rank of black belt in the martial arts
    self defense
    self defense systems
    self defense academy
    commerical fitness equipment
    commerical fitness curcuit training equipment
    360 self defense
    full circle self defense
    street smart self defense
    hardcore self defense
    military terms
    animals names
    krav maga
    reality based self defense
    small business opportunities
    knee strikes
    blocks with punches
    a fighting chance self defense
    escape proof self defense
    stay safe self defense
    i want to pick a name for my business
    [Then we take a turn for the weirder]
    i want to become a rape escape instructor
    become a certified rape instructor
    become a certified rape prevention instructor
    a woman beating up a man
    a woman fighting a man
    self defense training
    ppct mangement
    i want to be a ppct management certified instructor
    ground fighting self defense techique
    what martial art do wesley snipes practice
    what new in self defense
    mcdonalds shift managers job description

    User 4277183 ... slowly

    i am we todd it i am sofa king
    i am sofa king we todd did slowly
    brazilian jui jitsu
    bruce lee

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    There's already a thread on this lot over @ sociocide http://www.sociocide.com/forums/showthread.php?t=44823
    That were off topic suff is going now
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    Closed, go to Sociocide.


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