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    Creatine noob

    I finally decided to try creatine, a lot of people swear by it and there are no known scary sideffects so I decided to give it a shot. I went for NOW brand cause it's just 100% pure creatine no additives, no BS marketing (If I'm an idiot for beliving this tell me but I smelled it and tasted it, it has no taste or odour which means it should be pure)

    so for my (probably stupid) questions:

    1)I am using the 1 wk 4-6 rounded tsp/day, 3 wk 1-3 rounded tsp/day 2 week off cycle. After the cycle is over and 2 weeks have passed do I need to load again or just go straight to 1-3 scoop/day maintenance

    2)What kind of juice do you use (I use orange) and is there any advantage to using different juices to mix creatine with

    3)Do you take it before or after workout (or does it matter)

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    1)A lot of the people at say there is no need to cycle or load. I always take a week or two off every once in a while from all supplements just for the heck of it. Also, if your going to load I think two 5 gram servings( one morning one night) is recommended rather than all ten at once. 5 grams is then the norm for maintanence it seems.

    2) Don't think it matters just drink the stuff. I can't stand the taste so I just shove the spoon in my mouth and gulp some water.

    3) No clear answer that I have found. I mix it up once in awhile, before/after/half before and half after.


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