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    Having attended quite a few seminars and so exposed to other teaching methods, I don't like how some teachers will demonstrate the technique, then say "Now go do it". I much prefer to be talked through the series of movements. It's the way I learnt and I've found it to be very effective. Eddie Bravo does this and seems like a drill sergeant but by the end of it you certainly know the moves.
    Are you under John Will? My instructor is a black belt under him and David Meyer and says the best thing he learned from John is that teaching method of talking us through drills.

    Ok, clicked your profile - I thought I remembered you were under John Will
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    You just can't go wrong when your getting armbar'd to Flogging Molly while a fire fighter is cursing at you in the background. Good stuff!

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    I rarely start using new techniques when I learn them. Usually they just pop up somewhere down the road, once it was over a year after I had learnt the technique initially. I analyze my game and see where I'm having problems, and then I try to come up with a technique to fix it.
    I pointed at him [the panhandler], bringing my rear hand up in a subtle approximation of the double Wu Sau guard that is the default hand position in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

    "Step away," I hissed.
    -Phil Elmore

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