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    does anyone else feel like thay are watching some bizarre gay mating ritual?

    Thomasaaron: "hey look at me i am a badass i can come on to an internet forum and talk ****, i'm so badass that this forum is almost badass enough for me, almost, but i am so badass that i will make fun of the owner and moderators who keep this badass site running with their own time, money and skills....cause i am that big of a badass!!."

    jamoke:" wow you sure are awesome, we should be friends"

    TA:" **** you ***** you got banned once and now are afraid, not me! i am the biggest asshole i dare the mods to ban me"

    J:"did you say big asshole? i love big asshole!"

    TA:"you do? so do i. maybe we have more in common than i thought i like you jamoke"

    J: "i like you too thomas"

    for ****'s sake will one of the moderators bann the fucking guy so he can get his damn rocks off and come back with another name pretending he's the **** and he "beat" the moderators?

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    Trust me, if you get banned, unless you've got 30 ISPs, you're not coming back for more than a minute or two.

    That said, if you're an ignorant fuckwad who does nothing but start **** instead of contributing to the discussion here, you're booking yourself a one-way ticket to banville.

    Our rules of conduct are a bit more relaxed so that people can call bullshit when they see it, and in doing so, there will undobutedly be people who disagree with each other, passionately.

    But that's all tolerated within the framework of progressing towards a consensus on martial arts subjects. If you're just here to start ****, you'll find yourself quickly sitting on the curb waiting for the next bus.

    The only people who have been banned from this site were the ones that didn't contribute anything, and were just pointless wastes of space.

    Who decides if you fall into that category? The Admins and Mods for one, and your fellow Bullshido members as well.

    So while you might have more freedom of expression here, don't run wild and go sticking your dick into everyone's mashed potatoes. Learn who's who, what's what, and try not to be the board dipshit, and you'll do fine.

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    "does anyone else feel like thay are watching some bizarre gay mating ritual?"
    that's how i feel everytime i see Jamoke's posts fighting Boyd

    :) deleted some of my posts and threads, they are a bit tighter......

    Hard work, Patience, Dedication.

    nedhinkly-"You are little more than a thug, street trash, if you will. I think from now on I will call you street rat, after a character in one of my favorite movies of all time."
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    thomas, consider that the warning i spoke about earlier!!

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    hmm, one thing fishy, didn't we find out that Jamoke's first name was Thomas??

    nvrmind, somehow the idea of Jamoke insulting himself to make it look like different people seems to complex for someone who didn't get who the third person was in "there are 3 kinds of people in this word, those who can't count and those who can"

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