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    The scope would be the same as a scope for any other rifle that you would want to shoot at similar range. But yes, good optics are always expensive, whether for a .22 or a .50, if you want a quality optic, it can cost as much or more than the weapon you plan to put it on. This case is an exception, as the weapon is so expensive.

    The mounts and rings might be more expensive, as they would have to be able to resist a lot of recoil without loosening or moving. Badger makes rings specifically for .50, and they aren't much more expensive than standard Badger rings. Though Badger rings in general being top of the line, they are pricey by a lot of people's standards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Gwinn
    Barrett has really stepped up. They've also developed a new caliber that is smaller-diameter than a .50 (I want to say .416 Barrett) but actually shoots quite a bit flatter and hits pretty hard.
    If states like Illinois and California ban the .50 calibers specifically, they'll have to try to ban the .416 with it. That should make all the hunters think of .416 Rigby and other big-game calibers, and once the hunters are getting their oxen gored, we'll see how dedicated those politicians really are to gun control.

    Or they'll ban .50 for the publicity and ignore the .416's and such, and that's still better than nothing.
    Don't even get me fucking started on how retarded our gun laws are.

    The ATA Grand, now that it's being held in Sparta, is just starting to allow people to bring their own shells because non-residents without FOID's can't buy it in state. I'm just waiting for some **** from Alabama to bring in 1-1/4 oz #4-shot duck shells.
    sudo make me a sandwich!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwid
    Wow, good info Sam. Thanks.

    I'm getting ready to visit friends and family in California early in September, so this is particularly relevant. I really had no idea the laws were so strict there. I always fly into southern Oregon when I visit, so issues of California firearms laws have never come up regarding the guns I take with me. This year, I was going to take my new AR for some shooting fun on my friend's farm. Guess I should rethink that.
    Like Red Elvis said leave the AR at home if there is even a small doubt that it fits in the definition of assault weapon. Most other guns should be fine though, just don't carry them loaded concealed or in your car. I have never been hasseled by the cops even with a trunk full of guns & ammo.

    I have heard that if you have weapons from before the ban it can be great fun to go to the desert and blow up propane tanks and other things.

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