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    Old School questions

    I've been playing with Eddie Bravo's "Old School" sweep quite a bit recently and I figured I'd drop a couple of my questions here and see what other people's experiences have been.

    Problems I have with the sweep:

    1) With flexible opponents, it becomes hard to get the right leverage to get them to fall to their back, however, and perhaps more importantly they're sometimes able to take my back similar to a failed single leg.

    2) Larger opponents can just sprawl/squish me when I get ahold of their foot and that effectively stops the sweep.

    Suggestions on overcoming these problems?
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    The number one thing to do in the half-guard - especially when attempting "old school" is to get your opponent's weight on his hands. That way he can't drop his weight on you. So keep pulling your opponent forward at all times.

    Also, once you join your hands, start bridging from side to side. Your opponent with have to go one way or the other. If he manages to successfully base out with his hands, you should still be able to come to your knees and have his back.

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    Awesome bit of advice JohnnyS. This has been a hit-and-miss for me, but the advice about the hands on the mat really helps me. Thanks.

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    Great stuff, JohnnyS. I will try that at my next class.


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