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That took some dedication and time.
Essentially, my sole purpose is to bitch about Wing Chun. I am a sad and bitter person. I am like a pathetic reborn Christian, I have seen the light and I want to share it with everyone, regardless of whether they have seen it themselves or if they even give a ****. Until I am banned, this will continue.
You make me think about the time when wolverine got reprogrammed by the hand, they deprogrammed him by underoing simulations where he vented his anger (i.e :killing everybody in sight simulations). I did the same, my first few posts were me just venting about kungfu.

Now, in comes in northstar who also got reprogrammed by the hand, they made him go under the same deprogramming sequence. Whereas wolverine took a day for venting, northstar enjoyed the simulation. And even after weeks, our b-grade outgame hero still enjoyed venting his anger.

Point is: There is no point, really.

My hung gar cross overs cleanly with my bjj. So kungfu wasnt a total waste on this side of the street.