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    Quote Originally Posted by Mjelva
    Therefore, I also call other people on it when I see what I consider stupid ****.

    Criticizing stick fighters for flawed grappling is no different than criticizing a wrestler for poor striking. Both are fine in my opinion.
    All the points I could make have already been made, by those with better credentials in grappling than I. However, since I was in one of the photos you decided to use as evidence of the "crappling" that took place at the Gathering, I feel the need to jump in here. I am the guy in the yellow shirt, "defending" the "shoot" by my opponent.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mjelva
    #3: Both knees on the ground, no penetration, no drive, no leverage, no nothing.
    In this static photo, you criticize the lack of penetration in the shoot, lack of leverage and more. You could just as certainly criticized my lack of an effective sprawl and other stuff. However, not having actually seen the fight itself renders your criticism worthless. There was no shoot. From a standing clinch, our legs tangled and my opponent fell to his knees, with me hunched over him, my stick (in my right hand) trapped under his armpit. At the moment the photo was snapped, he was doing his best to make the most of a seriously shitty disadvantage of position. I was in mid-transition of moving the stick to my left hand to free my right. He was tight against my leg to keep me off-balance and unable to rain shots down on him. The fight continued from this moment in time and ended with me in "knee-on-chest" and some open shots at his face.

    Like I said previously, better grapplers than I have commented on why your criticism of the photos is inappropriate. Nuff said as far as I'm concerned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poidog
    However, not having actually seen the fight itself renders your criticism worthless.
    Nice post and summation of the tie that binds the posts on this subject together.

    All we have left now to discuss on the issue is... ummmm... nothing. So, back on track.


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