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    That second video is proof of one thing. Elbows Work.


    To the back of the head.
    Little padding to said areas.


    WC is not that useful. Bull charge. Grab. Elbow. Win. Thanks.
    Elbows are universal.

    Edit** Yes I know. Its magical. The R3al WC sparring has been found. Someone post this thread as a sticky!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bad credit
    WTF was with the down elbow spikes to the back of the head and the guy who threw a kick through the ropes at his opponent?

    To that I say "HOLY ****! HOLY ****! ECW! ECW!"
    This is awesome! Clap-clap-clap-clap-clap.

    And to all the people saying its not wing chun, doesn't any art that is tested in an mma-type environment evolve and adopt new techniques and eliminate some older ones?

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    I don't even wanna hear, "di aint da real _ing _un, dis is just like dem wrasslers on UFC!"

    That's what _ing _un looks like when you train at REALITY speed, because _ing _un has to adapt to REALITY, not the other way around. The sportsmanship had SURREALITY written all over it, but like I said before, that builds character in today's young man :)

    I love those guys just for being that tenacious.
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