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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Spaulding
    Does anyone else think that wearing a karate or TKD uniform around town screams, "Please kick my ass?"
    The worst example of this I ever experienced was a shitty instructor who used to turn up at our class occasionally and stink the place up with his "I don't spar, I might hurt you with my all-powerful snap kick" bullshit. He'd bum a lift to seminas/tournaments (to spectate) etc.
    As it was traditional to stop for something to eat on the way back, he'd often enter the pub with an over-gi/tracksuit on, and if there were no hard-looking guys in there, he'd undo his jacket and make sure his belt was showing. To impress the ladies, presumably. Douche.

    Yes. His wearing his gi out of the dojo made me want to kick his ass. Actually, him existing made me want to kick his ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DubhGhaill
    Back to the oringinal topic for a moment.

    Omega left out the best part of the story.

    Just before the guy left, I showed him our class schedule. I point out one class and say "This is our Chinese Boxing class. That's the one that's kind of like JKD." He says "Oh yeah, JKD is AWESOME. If you take JKD you become, like, UNSTOPABLE, right?"
    Me: "Uh, unstopable? There's not really any such thing."
    JKDork: "Wellll, maybe if they've got a gun or a knife or something."
    Me: (Trying to shift conversation back to reality.) Actually we just did a seminar on Saturday, we did a lot of pistol and knife defences. It was with Felix Valencia, ever heard of him? He's a Kali guy, but he trained with Dan Inosanto for a fair while I think.
    Him: Dan Inosanto. AWESOME.

    I wasn't really trying to argue with him, just trying to convince him to come in and train.
    Did he by any chance look like the guy in my avatar?

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    Now that I think of it, I kind of look like the guy in your avatar.

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    right behind you.
    yang taichi
    *scroll up, scroll down, scoll up, scroll down, scroll up, scroll down, scroll up, scroll down.*

    I don't see it.
    Sumus extra manum tuam.

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