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    Yeah, if it is authentic, don't **** with it. Because things that are old are best.

    I have to go read my Flat Earth Society Newsletter now.


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    Judo was invented in 2035 to counter Brazilian Jujitsu, which had become the only style ever taught. The scientist who created it was a half japanese, half brazilian alchemist midget named Kimura Mcfly. He had a winning smile and his favourite Patrick Swayze movie was Roadhouse.

    Kimura borrowed a tardis time machine, but that broke down, so instead he opened up a time portal wormhole and travelled back to the 1930's with his highly advanced knowledge of 'Judo'.

    This 'Judo', though incorporating reality fighting art techniques like 'SCARS' and 'James Lacy's Iron Fire Finger Palms', was mainly a 110% anti-grappling form of Gracie 'Huhitsu' and was co-created by then AMerican President, Mr Steven Seagal.

    Kimura settled in the new age of 1931 and passed on these secret teachings. Little did he know that two of his best students would travel to Brazil and one day, bump into Helio Gracie's brother. Helio's brother was interested in grappling, not simply because of his homosexual sexual preference, but because he needed to prove that he was a man; things weren't easy on the mean streets of Rio/Sao Paulo in those fish-tainted days.

    Soon the brutual methods of 'Judo' were twisted and mutated into Gracie jujitsu: which then went on to dominate all Gracie devised No Holds Barred competitions worldwide.

    Until 2030, it remained untouched as the best martial art ever - then, just as Seagal replaced Arnold Squarzennegar as the president of the united states & middle-east, a strange new form of Judo emerged...

    This is all in the book 'Mastering Jujitsu' by Renzo Gracie and David Copperfield.

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    "Bushi YOU are a fucktard."

    Shut up and train

    <img src=icon_smile_blackeye.gif border=0 align=middle>that hurt, I am going to need ballons or some therapy.

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