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    Quote Originally Posted by Bud Shi Dist
    BJJ came from Judo Idiot.

    Most people rag on J. Ju J?tsu because of the high level of compliance and dead patterns.

    1. We all know where Judo comes from, so indirectly BJJ is based on JJJ.

    2. How hard would it be for a Japanese Ju Jutsu school to focus on sparring to practice their throws and groundfighting ? It would be easy.
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    I do a JJJ, this just my view of my club.

    The grading is sylibus based, and it's not a competative style (even for kata as there are only about 6 up 2 black) The techs are mainly good, but pressure testing is up to you & your traning partner once you've leant them(increasing resistance as you paractice).
    There is a lack of enough good sparing/randori/rolling we do about 10 mins of rolling @ the start of class but as the focus of the techs we learn is from standing with some ground work it boarders on crapling for some beginers, it's not great (hence me starting BJJ).
    The 'controled' sparing is with no goves so minimal if any contact, the idea being to pull you stirkes, the first time i wore gloves it took me several sessions to get used to not pulling the strikes.Higher belts are more agressive esp with body shots but the lower belts tend to flail at each other, sparing about a meter & half apart & ignore that the strike you just pulled would have it them in the head.

    Half the problems seem to come from bad compenstion to increasing health & saftey/liabilty issues. (there versions of throws we are not alowed to do any more) Which mean people learn to fight more slowly then they could.

    Most of the good people i've met have taken the techs & then practived them alive else where. We have done an open mat session with some of the guys from there & from other styles which was realy useful. (wow cross training works)

    After Black things impove on the aliveness of training but its a shock if you've not done it before. The way we train could let BS in far to easily, you could get much more out of the training with aliveness.(preaching to the choir I know) but you do learn useful stuff & i'm not going 2 get any cheaper ever (70 a year + gradings)

    From what i've gatherd most JJJ is on the same road but with more or less BS, and going the wrong way slowly
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    When I did JJJ it was at a place that was primarily a Judo Dojo and you could go to all classes there for one fee. I didn't but a few people did both classes and the JJJ had a very Judo-ish approach to randori and sparring and such and was fairly alive. i always assumed this was the norm.

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    ya, i've been back to the school for a few weeks now and frp, what i've experienced so far, the jujitsu class is HEAVILY randori based. From what i know there is no kata, and all i've done siince starting there is drill subs, sweepsm and a moderate amount of throws (they have a separate judo class for that, 1 fee) with rolling partners. At the end of ever class theres alot of randori (i've even been to a few classes that were all randori). Also the school competes in out of state bjj tournaments and does pretty well actually. The school also has a few successful local mma fighters.

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