View Poll Results: Which is superior bag work or emo kicking?

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  • Emo kicking is superior.

    124 73.37%
  • Bag work is superior.

    9 5.33%
  • Leave the poor emo's alone...

    19 11.24%
  • I prefer to do Tai Chi.

    17 10.06%
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    Quote Originally Posted by MEGA JESUS-SAN
    + rep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfe
    I'll go with the samrt-ass answer and say Homer said it (or wrote it, let's not be picky).

    On an unrelated note, I have found something even better to send you.

    Well, it's only better if you don't mind not getting a beverage of some kind.
    Actually, I made it up. And it's modern Greek, not Homeric. It essentially says: 'The bow of Odysseus is infinite.' Yes, I am lame.

    As for the sent-thing - I don't mind at all. I just like getting packages!
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