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    Sorry to disappoint, Peedee, but I'm not talking about CHI power or ninja magic.

    I meant intangibles such as:

    The Effect of Training on Personality - Not just confidence, but some of the skills you actually find yourself applying outside the dojo.

    The Male/Female Dynamic (actually covered fairly fully in threads, but figure an article exploring it may be a good read)

    Role Models - Male
    Role Models - Female
    - These two come up for two reasons: 1) I find there are a lot of single parents (especially mothers) in my dojo and the MA in general. The dojo tends to fulfill certain roles for their children, moreso than for the average 2-parent child.

    The Effect of your Seniors - Attitude, Skill, Training and Intensity

    The Fall From Grace - The eventual realization that your school/teacher isn't immortal/magical (you'll like this one, Peedee)

    Those are only a few ideas in my head right now. Most of them aren't necessarily TMA depedent, but since most of my background is from a dojo, it'll have that flavour to it.

    And I don't mind a good flame from our resident troll, just want to be sure the contribution is welcome before I put time into writing it...although I'd probably write them anyway.

    Thanks Phrost.


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    TTT, Choke check your PMs.

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