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    The only time they need to get physical is when they grab an undernourished 17 year old Palestinian by the scruff and throw him into a dirty jail cell.
    Ahem... Palestineans are rarely undernourished. They are the group that is most supported by both the United Nations and foreign charities that doesn't have its own state. While their rights and lands may be at issue, the general health of Palestineans (barring what you read about trips to the hospital stopped by roadblocks) is quite good. They have a decent life expectancy, only hampered by the extremely prolific use of tobacco and alcohol.

    Besides that, your post was dead on. The Israelis are masters of infinitely more potent martial arts than Krav Maga. In Fighter-jitsu, Tank-jitsu, Chopper-jitsu and Urban-Fighting-Jitsu, they are the undisputed masters. :)

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    Actually, both of you don't know what the **** you're talking about.

    I have a step brother in the Israili army, who, for all I know, is fighting as we speak. You would be surprised just how much hand to hand theyse guys see.

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