Anyone who watch or heard about Marvin Eastman getting cut on head by Vitor's knee probably is wondering how he is doing. He recently start training at my school and I talked to him today. He seems to be doing well but haven't sparred at all so far. The scar on his head isn't that bad at all, it is just a thin line about 3 inches long. He gave me this advice "Don't fight in the ring if there is a problem going on outside of the ring, it is distracting". Also he is a really nice guy and even tell me if I need any help I can ask him. May in few months I will try ask him if he want to post on Bullshido sometime (I have no luck with many other pro fighter so far).

It is a rat eat rat world.

"A magical place where I have a freakish large penis and I am also the king of the mushroom people." - by Omen Stone