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    I go to seminars to critically judge the teacher and constantly say "Oh I KNEW THAT ALREADY", with my face all screwed up and lots of "hhrrrummphh" sounds throughout the instruction. Of course this is all done covertly, as I also try my best to be the star pupil in front of the teacher and Typically, I will pick a weaker person to practice with and USE MY OWN TECHNIQUES aggressively on them instead of the ones being taught.

    As part of my seminar preparation, I will also spend some time beforehand, digging up whatever dirt I can on the instructor/teacher, which I spread around quietly to other more gullible participants. Also I will constantly make value judgements on the teachers abilities (behind thier back).

    After the seminar, I will incorporate what ever I learnt secretly, and act towards everyone else as if I already knew it all beforehand.

    No way dude, you stole my method. What a bastard at least tell everyone that you ripped it off from me. I knew I never should have taught that seminar on how to take seminars....

    Shut up and train

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    The right one.
    baltasargracian, that is right on. Hahahahaha! Nice one.

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    no idea
    9chambers, this type of person (I am portraying in my last reply) doesnt even deserve to be called a 'dick', much more appropiately a ***** in the TRUEST SENSE OF THE WORD.

    Apparently you havent been unfortunate enough to experience the pungent & infectious negativity of one of these pussies, lets hope it this good fortune remains with you.

    Fisting Kittens, well yeah but hey, I already knew all that before your seminar, (remember me, I was that ever-so-compliant demonstration student, who "dotted all of your i's and crossed all of your t's") and anyway, cant you see right now im busy practising my own techniques aggressively on a weaker student?

    Fisting Kittens & Fighty, the only good thing about these types is how easily their self importance is offended, especially 'in front of the group'.

    To quote the great napoleon : they are nothing but "**** in a silk stocking".

    peace to all.

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    That's what I want

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    I try to pair myself with one of the tougher guys in the room. That way I can try to the techniques (and defend them!) to my fullest.


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    I was just kidding Balt, I knew you were trolling.

    I just wanted to point out that I am not the type of guy you are talking about. :P

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