Thursday night I went to my new dojo (BJJ, JKD, FMA) for a gun dissarming techniques seminar done by a guy who teaches at the police academy. It was pretty cool. He showed us the basic techniques, we got to participate split up in pairs. Then he showed us how hard these techniques are to do on someone when they are resisting. Running away in a zig zag pattern is one option (it's harder to hit something running away from you at an angle than running in a straight line) but you can't always run away. You may be leaving a child behind or your wife. (that was my comment during the question and comment portion of the class) Another option is to just rush the guy. He showed us a way to do that which can sometimes work. No matter what though, a gun is too dangerous to mess around with .. it's better to die trying than standing there doing nothing though. What have you got to lose. Just don't rush somebody who will be happy with your wallet. Give it to him and let it go. Live and buy new wallets.

>> Perhaps it was because I had an inherent skill for the science and never deviated from natural principles. - Miyamoto Musashi 1643