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    Hey I just asked Kit Cope few questions out of curious to shed some light on the shadow that we all have been discussing about. BTW if you don't know who Kit Cope is, here is his website www.kitcope.com He beat Alex Gong on his second fight the day he turned 17 and he beat many other famous fighters. Here is some of questions I asked him:

    1.Since you start fighting in the pro, have you ever got in real fight? If so how do you feel before it happen?
    I have since I've been pro, but not in a very long time. I don't get nervous or scared, I get frustrated at the stupidity of someone starting a fight with someone that they do not know

    2. While you are in ring getting ready to fight, how do you feel? Do it feel the same way as real fight?
    Not at all. It is much more intense in the ring due to the fact that you are about to fight another well-trained individual.

    3. There has been some debate about KOing someone by liver shot. Have you ever used or been liver shot? If so do you find it effective or not?
    I don't think anyone intends a liver shot. Nor does one intend a "brain" shot. You fire to the body and to the head for a general damage. Your liver is a large aperature, if that is what takes the damage during a body shot, then so be it.

    Sorry if those questions aren't what everyone want, but I just try my best. If any of you want me to, I can ask some other pro fighters some questions when I have the chance (I don't want to ask same person all of the time or bother them). Hope you enjoy some of the answers.

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    I've got to watch Kip today on King of the Cage DVD <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

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