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    Re article: they're both percussive.

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    I think it very common that most people would have their heart stand still for a second when confronted with a dangerously armed attacker like with a knife or iron pipe. Your blood becomes cold. I think escrima is great because it helps you over come that fear of weopons. You train with it all the the time so it just seems normal. I had a friend in California who was attacked by three guys and one of them had a big 2X4 or something like that. My friend just thought of it as a training exercise and he disarmed the guy. He scared the other two off with the stick and dented the guys car. That really pissed them off. The starnge thing is the neighbourhood thought he started it and they chased after him. Ridiculous or what? Blame the victim huh! ANyways he was safe and according to him it just felt like training in class. It wasn't as scary as he would have thought.

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