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    Shorei-ryu & Kumdo & TKD
    I work in Chicago which has a good mix of everything. However I live out in the suburbs and it is predominately TKD, with some sport karate, HKD, 1 Kumdo school, and a couple Kempo schools


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    *San Dimas in Los angeles county, CA
    * 50% karate, 40% TKD, 5% MAA, 5% kung fu
    * There's something called "submission inc" and I think that is MAA. Also in Duarte close to me Dan Lee (friend/student of bruce lee) teaches Wing Chun and JKD at his house. I viewed a class there a while ago. Pretty soon a Silat school is going to be opened by the nephew of Jim Ingram, which happens to be the father of my friend/neighbor, which means I am getting in free. :)
    * I'd say about 10% maybe.

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    whoops I mean MMA

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    North Alabama Huntsville, Madison Area
    14 TKD/McDojos
    1 Okinawan School
    1 Gym associated with the SBGI

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    Austin, TX

    There are a shitload of martial arts here. Its a very hippy new agey town, and EVERYONE is a fitness nut. In a lot of ways its like a mini-San Francisco.

    Name the style and its here.

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    EBMAS WT(& Prenatal Yoga)
    Salt Lake City

    I'm not going to guess on percentages, but the vast majority is generic TKD/Karate.

    I know of one fairly sucessful Aikido school.

    Pedro Sauer BJJ and Walt Bayless JJ are the main grappling schools, with some judo clubs around also.

    There is a super sweet Muay Thai gym and I think Alex Steibling was doing some grappling classes there also. (I haven't been over there for a while, so I'm not sure what is going on.) There are other Muay Thai guys around town too.

    Boxing is around. I know of 3 or 4 gyms (depending on what you consider a gym).

    There's at least two gyms in SLC that I would consider MMA, and if you include a 40 mile radius, I'd put that up to about 5.

    There's a smattering of JKD, WC, WT, Krav Maga, Taiji, Kendo, Escrima, Kali, etc. that I know about and probably a few things I don't.

    If you go up to Ogden (40 miles to the North) there is a Genbukan Ninpo teacher that goes to Japan almost every year to study with the Ninja master. Quite interesting. Plus as an added bonus, Ogden has Marpati Puhti (spelling) for some Indonesian inner power.

    I'd estimate less than 1% of the local population is actively involved in martial arts.
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    The Great White North
    Brazillian Kung Fu
    *Ottawa, ON (Canada)
    *Karate, 35%; WC, 20%; TKD, 15%; Taiji, 10%; Aikido, 5%; Judo, 5%; Misc KF, 5%; Misc. general, 5%.
    *Haidong Gumdo (Korean Sword art; apparently more traditionally korean than the other version of Gumdo/Kumdo. This is according to the Koreans, of course)

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    Cincinnati Oh.

    90% tkd
    9% misc. Kung fu
    1% Karate.
    And I do believe ther is also an Aikido school around. Plus a School for WWE style wrestling.
    Which is probably more effective in a real fight than half the other stuff.

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    Here in knoxville tennessee,Isshinryu 50%, Tkd 40%, Kuung fu 5% MMA 5%.<img src=icon_smile_shy.gif border=0 align=middle>

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    Munich, Germany
    I can tell you about the city I lived in until five months ago: Wuerzburg, Germany; nice town, with some 130000 inhabitants.

    Most martial arts are practiced in non-profit sport clubs. There are a couple each of judo, ju-jutsu, aikido, tae kwon do, wrestling, and karate.

    The commercial schools that I know of are: TKD, aikido, kickboxing/ninjitsu, kung fu, WT, and one school that does something like MMA (they call it "relative-controlled ultimate fighting" [sic]).

    I have no good idea what percentage of people trains. My crude estimate would be 2-3%.
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