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    ...and my girlfriend wants me to move to singapore...i knew malaysia was rough, but.

    It is not a dog eat dog is much worse. It is like 'a dog does not return another dog's call' word.

    Guns....the fifth range
    There is no cheating, there is only jiu-jitsu.

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    I also have it from a Malaysian friend who just came back that the Singapore economy isn't much better than Hong Kong's, so job prospects ain't that great right now, anyway.

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    I have a friend in Malaysia who knows something about this group. They have training camps in the jungle. My friend thinks they are nut case extreamists. They are not real Muslims he contends.

    "Do what thou wilt is the whole of the Law"
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    that's what muslims say

    It is not a dog eat dog is much worse. It is like 'a dog does not return another dog's call' word.

    Guns....the fifth range
    There is no cheating, there is only jiu-jitsu.

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    Here's an article from the Star in Malaysia:

    Chronology of events

    July 2, SUNDAY

    3am -- Fifteen men posing as army officers enter a military outpost in
    along the East-West Highway in three green 4WD vehicles, and took 17 M16
    rifles, more than 6,000 bullets, two Steyr rifles and several other weapons.

    4.15am -- They proceed to the 304th Infantry Battalion Camp in Grik and grab
    more than 80 M16 rifles, thousands of bullets and other weapons including

    July 3, MONDAY

    A Kampung Jenalik villager who is on his way to his orchard chances upon the
    impostors' camp and reports the sighting to see if it is a military

    Police cordon off the orchard and jungle in the vicinity of the village.

    Two policemen and an orchard owner are taken hostage by the gunmen.

    July 4, TUESDAY

    2am to 11am -- Sporadic firing by the gang injuring a soldier.

    About 2,000 soldiers and policemen proceed into the orchards and jungle of
    village (Kampung Jenalik ) behind SK Jenalik and force the group to retreat.

    July 5, WEDNESDAY

    Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Norian Mai says a member of the group,
    was trying to escape, was shot at when he refused to give up or retreat when
    ordered by the police at 10.30am.

    Norian announces that a Malaysian Muslim deviationist group practising ilmu
    batin (mystical powers) and with political motive was behind the heist.

    Group carries out sporadic shooting to lift their spirits.

    LATEST: July 6

    Arms heist drama over; 27
    surrender, 2 hostages killed

    KUALA KANGSAR: All 27 men from the deviationist group holed up in the Bukit
    Hijau Forest Reserve in Sauk, 23km from here, surrendered Thursday, ending
    108-hour drama which began early Sunday morning in Grik.

    At the end of the five-day stand-off, three people -- two hostages and a
    member of
    the gang -- were killed and five others also from the group were injured.

    Defence Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the gang's leader Amin Mohd
    Razak, 30, a former private from the army's special intelligence regiment,
    detained after a struggle with Army Field Commander Lt Jen Datuk Zaini Mohd
    Said at their hideout in the hills at about 4pm.

    The five injured, including two in serious condition, were admitted to the
    Hospital and Kuala Kangsar Hospital.

    "I commend the army and the police for their joint operation which resulted
    in all
    the stolen weapons being recovered and there is now no danger to the
    public,'' he
    told a press conference at the Kati police station at 5.35pm.

    In the arms heist on Sunday, 15 men posing as army officers struck two army
    installations in Grik and escaped with more than 100 M16s, automatic weapons
    and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

    Najib said the victory was due to the authorities' use of "minimum force and
    escalation of activities'' which had forced the group to surrender.

    Also present were Armed Forces chief Tan Sri Zahidi Zainuddin and
    Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Norian Mai.

    Najib said the gang had killed two of the four hostages--Det Kpl K.
    30, of Kuala Kangsar special branch and private Tupa Mattew a/k Medan, 25,
    army ranger.

    He also said gang member Abdul Halim Ali alias Ahmad, 30, was killed but
    details of when or how he died were not available.

    Najib said the dead hostages were buried by the gunmen at site, adding that
    bodies would be exhumed soon.

    "The policeman who was taken captive on Monday was killed in a cruel and
    cold-blooded manner while the ranger who was taken captive on Tuesday was
    tortured mercilessly.

    "They shot his legs repeatedly before they finally shot him dead,'' he said.

    He said two other hostages who were rescued were Kpl Mohd Shah Ahmad, 48,
    of the Kuala Kangsar Special branch and durian farmer Jafar Puteh.

    Najib said the move to use the gang's family members to appeal to them to
    surrender had paid off.

    "Two men surrendered between 6.30am and 7am while several surrendered about
    five hours later,'' he said.

    He said a remnant hardcore group comprising 16 members refused to surrender
    forcing the army to send a 43-member anti-terrorist assault team comprising
    commandos headed by Zaini to confront them.

    Najib said Amin had wanted the army chief to go over personally but the
    authorities refused, saying that Zaini was in charge on the field.

    While Zaini was talking to Amin, he tried to shoot him with his M20 gun,
    Najib, adding that the shot however was deflected and hit one of the gang
    members instead.

    "Zaini overpowered Amin and the army team moved in before the other gang
    members, armed with guns and parangs could retaliate, forcing them to
    surrender,'' he said.

    Najib commended Zaini's courage and his willingness to risk his life to end

    He said Amin's probable motive in resisting surrender was to "take out'' a
    before he went down.

    Asked about the group's motive, Najib said the members were misled by Amin's
    spiritual teachings and mystical knowledge.

    "They had the wrong belief that Amin's quest was related to jihad (holy
    although it was obvious that they wanted to create chaos and violence.

    "They were carried away by notions of an Islamic state and things like
    that,'' he

    Najib said Islam did not allow its followers to kill people or steal weapons
    and this
    "is not the face of Islam we want to show.''

    On the background of the gang members, Najib said Amin had managed to win
    over the members with his training in the army's intelligence unit,
    convincing them
    to accept him as a "mahaguru.''

    Other key leaders in the gang were a retired warrant officer only identified
    Ibrahim from the Ranger corps and Kapten Jamaludin Darus who was still
    attached to the Butterworth RMAF maintenance unit.

    Najib said these were the three people identified so far, adding that the
    rest of
    them did not have any army training and were probabaly holding a gun for the

    "However we have to investigate further into this,'' he said.

    Najib said he had informed Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad and
    Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on the incident.

    Norian said police had yet to decide if the 27 would be held under the
    Security Act.

    "They have committed a lot of offences, including robbery and murder which
    go under the Arms (Increased Penalties) Act and Penal Code,'' he said.

    "It all depends on how much evidence we can gather but for the purpose of
    investigation we will classify the offences under various laws, namely the
    Code and the Arms (Increased Penalties) Act.

    Asked if they would face the mandatory death sentence for the crimes
    committed, he said: "It depended on which section they would be charged.
    are certain sections which carry the death penalty and there are certain
    which carry life imprisonment.

    "It depends on the evidence and the roles played by each one of them,'' he
    reporters at the packed press conference.

    On whether the gang had a big following nationwide, Norian said: "There are
    hundreds of people nationwide affiliated to the gang.''

    The police were in the process of identifying the others and there would be
    arrests soon, he said.

    Asked if the widespread membership of the gang nationwide could pose a
    national threat, he said: "It is too early to say.''

    Source: The Star, Malaysia



    "Do what thou wilt is the whole of the Law"
    Ghost of Charles Dickens

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    ooooo oh no you dihden

    It is not a dog eat dog is much worse. It is like 'a dog does not return another dog's call' word.

    Guns....the fifth range
    There is no cheating, there is only jiu-jitsu.

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    for Islamic martial arts check out(especially the articles section)

    What makes Islamic Martial Arts Islamic?
    read article

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    "Photographs on the group's website showed group members placing their hands in a wok of hot oil as part of an endurance test. The martial arts training focuses on basic calisthenics and breathing techniques, which are used to harness what is described as an internal force in the body. Once this power is awakened, members believe they can freeze an enemy on the spot or hypnotize a violent aggressor."

    Ummm... They're crazy. Sounds like they might be afiliated with Yellow Bamboo. Someone better check their compound. :)

    Yikes! If a guy pulls and holds a knife like that, you know he knows how to use it. You'd better run, pray, or call 911, 'cause you're f#(ked. I hope that never happens to me.

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    Thats all martial arts really is. Calisthenics, breathing, and hot oil.
    The Wastrel - So attractive he HAS to be a woman.
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