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    It's frustrating to watch....NO TAP, Some said that Royce went, well I don't know about that, but from the angle I saw, his hand was still working trying to get in between them...

    Rematch...but, Yoshida did seem to have the advantage through most of the fight

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    check out the alternate angle at I belive the camera man is part of Royce's corner.

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    Looks like no one has interest in this issue. But what the hey, I am bored.

    This was not declared no-contest. Royce lost.

    but it is clear that HE DID NOT TAP, AND WAS NOT CHOKED. As soon as he was released, he gets up and starts to protest. Rutten sees this and says "he wasn't choked" right away. Until the ref signaled the fight was over, there was no sign that Royce was losing it..

    If this was a work, it was the referee who was into it. Royce clearly was not doing a work.

    Too bad, this was looking like a classic conflict...

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