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    Re-reading your post, I understand your point now. You were saying that the idea of applying a blanket solution to a multifarious problem. Okay, I agree with that. I ORIGINALLY thought you were saying "knees won't work because grapplers as a whole are too fast".

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    Didn't we have this disscussion!?!?!?!


    (translation: Hi how have you guys been? BIITCHES!!!)

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    I'd just try for the ole "One Two"....

    Just quickly nail him in the nose with a jab, then, when he's stunned, follow up with a cross right across the jaw. That should drop him, or at least buy you some time or at least some distance.

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    not if ur taken down... 9/10 times a werstler will beat a boxer

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    sprawl then knee

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    not if ur taken down... 9/10 times a werstler(sic) will beat a boxer
    Right, because strikers must stand absolutely still and allow themselves to be taken down when confronted by a grappler, as a stark contrast to their behavior when faced with other strikers.

    Further, all fights must submit to Rickson Gracie's Law of Unarmed Combat, namely, that 95% of all fights end up on the ground (it is further conjectured that the remaining 5% of fights are either boxing matches or take place in midair).

    Also, strikers are patently prohibited from adapting their stand-up skills to evading and escaping grappling situations and must instead attempt to use what feeble grappling skill they may have when taken down and attacked by a grappler. Jesus, don't you people know anything?

    Flame on, thread!
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    Actually, as a boxer, I'm afraid I must agree with black belt now, at least to a point. A "pure" boxer, just like any "pure" striker is damn easy to take down, because their fighting strategy does not incorporate takedown defence. This has been shown to be true by countless taped fights.

    However, give the boxer a crash course in takedown defence, and his chances will skyrocket.

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    "not if ur taken down... 9/10 times a werstler will beat a boxer"


    However, I'm willing to bet that any one of you here could hit this guy twice and get a little distance, WITH THE POSSIBILITY of ending it faster, than just sprawling first and resorting to the wrestling techniques.

    Besides, wouldn't it make sense to get a little fighting room first? The way AA explained it, you would be right up against the bar. And there'd probably be a whole bunch of people around too. So, essentially, you'd be backed into a corner. That's not a good position to be in.

    It's not that I disagree with anyone here, I just think that, with the limited space and time (remember that he is shooting for you in this scenario, giving you maybe a second or two to react) it would make more sense to "stop hit" him with a few arm strikes, or punches, then resort to wreslting when you have more space.

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    In my Muay Thai school, they teach person how to dodge, evade, and push person out of the way as they charge in. Since I have wrestling experience I could image following situtation:

    Shooter/grappler gettig their ass kick:

    1. They tried to shoot in but the person quickly move to side. That would allows person to knee or elbow him or even both.

    2. They tried to shoot in but the person quickly kneel, trapping one of shooter's arm under them. That will leave shooter in bad position with only one arm to fight back. This is possible if you fall down right way but it take some practice.

    3. They try to shoot in and the person push them aside and the shooter didn't expect for it and crash head frist into bar or wall and pass out. It sound dumb but hey it do happen!

    Grappler/shooter win against striker:

    1. Striker try to dodge but one of shooter's leg get around his leg and his shoulder hit side of knee. That would put striker in cast for 6 month!

    2. Striker would try to knee but they aren't aware of strenght so they got slam into ground hard and lost all air while they get beat up.

    3. Striker would try to sprawl but the shooter just lift them and slam them down hard. That would happen with shooter who is really strong and striker who si really skinny and small.

    So basically those are just FEW of what could happen. Like as I says before, a huge 300 lbs football player once tried to shot me while I was on PCP and he got knocked out twice. But shoot is probably first thing I would try against person who are much faster than me (which is almost impossible since I am really fast compare to most people). However I don't really like shoot because it could get me in really bad situtation if they got control over me before I can take them down. So I would most likely reply on one of silat or shoot wrestle take down because they aren't common move that people would expect for like as shoot.

    It is a rat eat rat world.

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    You are at the bar. Guy starts **** with you. You grab your nuts and tell him to **** off.

    He shoots in. You, have been drinking. You, still have your hand on your nuts, You, still have that stupid cocky smile on your face, You, cannot make a split second decision to chamber your knee and get this guy as he's shooting in. Sorry... Can't be done. You won't be expecting it. Too many variables in a Real Fight to consider.

    Thoughts. Is I right, or is I wrong?
    With the drinking aside, even when you are sober, the chances of "kneeing" a guy shooting in on you is remote, the higher the skill of the grappler, the less likely; they tend to telegraph less. If you do happen to knee him, in all probability you flinched and the grappler ran his face into your knee by accident. Wrestlers tend to go to the outside of your leg when they shoot for the ankle takedown which will happen so fast, you can forget about kneeing anything.
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    >95% of all fights end up on the ground.

    I wish they'd of worded that a little better, it's always dangerous using the word "all", there's no way you can be that general.

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