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    i like pride

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    Well, for all you the jaw is if you must know the most hardest bone in the body.

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    Good lord, what a bunch of craap. Arguing about what the hardest bone in the body is? I hope those posts are lame jokes. Any student of ma or mma who doesnt know what is the hardest...

    To answer the original question, which is better, you have to realize they are not the same kind of event. Pride is more related to prowrestling, and their two wt classes are to some extent a facade. They clearly include the possibility of fixed fights. Pride is more interested in classic matchups, like Nog vs Sapp, the clever subs guy vs the giant. They have their champs in non-title strange--if the champ loses, he is still champ. The coming Pride middlewt GP is an event the UFC could not even put on, for lack of money and fighter depth in any wt class.

    Pride refs are better, the rules are better, and the emphasis is not nearly as stacked toward strikers as the UFC. You see great grappling matches in nearly every Pride lateley, and rarely see such in the UFC. The tomatocan problem seems to have passed by--the last pride had two japanese fighters who won their matches, against highly regarded opponents, and the only japanese journeyman, was Fujita, who actually almost ko'd Fedor, before getting taken out.

    The UFC is struggling, with too many wt classes, and too little money to keep an appropriate stable of fighters for each. Witness the loss of arguably their best fighter, Bustamante, and in the past, the loss of champs Barnett and Pulver. They tried to gain sales by bringing back big names like Abbott and Kimo and Shamrock, but they mostly were busts.

    The UFC to their credit has tried to be the more professional event, with all the wt classes, and special cage, and so on, but has had some fatal flaws. One just recently corrected was the restart in neutral corners from a ref stoppage for doctor inspection. How bogus can a rule be? The worst was the Busta/Lindland fight, where Busta had to beat Lindland twice to get a win.

    So, the two really arent the same kind of event. Pride has IMO, greater fighter quality depth, because they have more money. But the UFC champs could probably hold their own in Pride, except for HW, where Pride has clear superiority, IMO.

    The last UFC, by the way, did not pay its fighters in the order of four figures, like someone suggested. The big names were getting six figures, the lesser ones five, as I recall...

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    thanks unholly

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