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    9 Chambers posted this article on Point Sparring and the MMA vs Kung Fu video.

    I just finished watching the MMA vs Kung Fu video in the download section. First off, I really find it hard to believe that this middle-aged pastey-white Kung Fu instructor challenged the young, muscular MMA guy who has 30 or 40 pounds on him and is stacked like an NCAA heavyweight wrestler. It looks like Mark Kerr vs David Carradine or something. If I had no experience with the kind of ego you find in some kwoons (or dojos) then I would think this was some kind of a fake video...

    And Red Headed Freak submitted this article.

    That is correct, I not only made up 1, but TWO systems. I was bored with your typical McDojo arts that I studied (i.e - TaeKwonDo, Karate, and even the infamous "CDT") So I decided to work in conjuction with my dad to create not one but two systems!

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    I very briefly studied martial arts, I would never claim to have any working knowledge of martial arts, because unlike many of you who wrestle on mats with wooden pistols and tell your assailant when you're ready for his attack I grew up street fighting in Hackensack, then the Bronx and then back to New Jersey and to be quite honest, that play fighting crap only slowed me down.

    I have both had my ass kicked in brawls and have given some pretty good ass beatings out, anyone who brawled on a weekly basis and went for anger management therapy for as long as I did would admit to the same. One thing that there was in every brawl is the honor that before and after every fight you look the other guys in the face and either pay your respect or walk away. Malandra is made
    of the same metal, I know it myself.

    This email **** is for pussies and faggots.
    You like making fun of people but not putting your name on posts -- congratulations ******.

    I will put up $500 of my money if you agree to put your body where your mouth is. There are plenty of sparing rings where waivers can be signed and you can go at it with Mike, there is a place in Brooklyn and one in the Bronx. My money is on Malandra - do you have the balls to show up or even put your name on an email response.

    Being a betting man I would once again bet no, but you don't get $500 for being a man and putting your name on an email. You get $500 only if you can take Malandra out on a mat or in a ring.

    Let's stop the talk and let's start putting all this **** you have learned to work. Got the guts?


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    Vincey, you must not have much faith in Malandra. Even Ashida Kim has put $10,000 up.

    And by the way, I don't work with **** (see your post) but apparently you've spent alot of time pushing it. Offer something constructive or go to fucking hell.


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