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    Here's what I usually do on a normal (as if there is one) week:

    Sunday (or Monday, depending on when I start, schedule, etc)

    *Standard grip bench press 3 sets 8 reps
    *1 minute shadowboxing/counterpunch drill
    *Pec flys (machine) 3 X 8
    *1 minute (boxing) footwork drill
    *Close grip bench press 3x10(12)
    *1 minute heavy bag, throwing fast/hard


    *Skullcrushers(overhead tricep extensions on bench) 3 x 8
    *1 min Punch slipping/footwork drill
    *Machine rope pulldowns 3x15 (lighter weight, final burn)

    Wednesday (Thursday)


    *2 mins warming up on heavy bag/headache bag)
    *Deadlifts (heavy) 3x6(8)
    *STRETCH (or you'll pay for it)
    *T-bar rows (wedge 1 end of olympic bar in corner with weight on opposite end, row towards chest from slightly bent position) 3x8
    *1 minute high/low kick drill (thai style)
    *Lat pulldowns (machine) 3x10
    (no rest)
    *Cable curls 3x15
    *Horizontal rows (machine) 3x10
    *2 min Medicine ball wall toss drill
    *Chin ups (til failure)

    (I don't overdo bicep training because overdeveloped biceps tend to slow down punching from what I've noticed in myself and others).



    *Warmup (whatever I feel like)
    *100 squats (bodyweight only)
    *Explosive Squats on Smith Machine 3x10 (modest weight)
    *Dumbell lunges: til burn
    *1 minute shuffle/footwork drill
    *Olympic Plate Twists (hold plate out parallel to ground, elbows slightly bent, twist body using abs only as fast as is safe and controlled): til burn
    *Cable crunches 3x15
    *Explosive Military Press on Smith Machine (not seated so that the legs and shoulders work together) 3x10


    *Wrist curls 1x8 (all 4 directions)
    *Neck Harness Lift 2x8
    *Wrestler's Bridges (til burn)


    That's about what I normally do. I'll replace some of the exercises with variants/dumbells/etc in order that my muscles don't get used to the same thing over and over and my progress stops. This doesn't include the conditioning I get while doing the fight training at my dojo either. At times, I have to modify this due to a heavy training session either here or their, but I do my best to stick to it, along with my diet.

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    I've been doing a lot of sprints lately. I ride my bike to the track and do some 200 meter sprints, 100 meter sprints .. then ride back and finish my workout at home.

    Sprinting takes a lot more out of me than bike riding. I shortened my bike ride and replaced it with sprints.

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    Have you ever tried doing what's called Fartlek runs? It gives you more realistic conditioning for at least what a MMA type fight would be.

    In a nutshell, you jog around 2 miles, but break it up with periods of full out sprinting, and slow jogging.

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    Before I start:
    Phrost - get off that Smith Machine dude!
    Nothing good has ever come from those things.
    They wreck either your shoulders or your lower back and knees (depending on which exercise you are doing). Damage can be immediate, but is more likely to be cumulative.

    I've stopped heavy weights all together for the moment. It actually feels pretty liberating.
    Never expected that to be a side effect... :)

    Almost every day:
    Sets of hindu squats until failure
    Sets of hindu pushups until failure
    (just got resistance cords, have to try them...)

    Wrestlers bridge (Furey style, trying to touch nose to mat)
    Handstand (against wall) neck strengthening
    (by moving side to side and backwards and forwards)
    Back bridge - holding as long as possible

    2 times a week
    Handstand pushups against the wall (sets)
    chin ups with various grips (3 sets)
    dip sets until failure (3 sets)

    10, Hill sprints, once per week
    1, 30 minute jog per week
    1, swimming laps per week until boredom :)

    At the moment I'm trying to rehab/strengthen the secondary muscles of the shoulders every day with resistance bands

    I do a 'power endurance' class at the martial arts center once a week. That will generally envolve light weights and doing around 200 reps (squats, floor press, shoulder press, etc) as well as mixing in bodyweight exercises such as push ups, reverse pushups, crunches, etc.

    In martial arts classes (3-4 times per week) we generally do our 'strength' exercises at least once a week. 80-100 pushups, reverse pushups, squats, calf raises, frog kicks, dips)

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    >Have you ever tried doing what's called
    >Fartlek runs? ... In a nutshell, you jog
    >around 2 miles, but break it up with periods
    >of full out sprinting, and slow jogging.

    That sounds pretty cool. I guess it's kind of like what I do. The track is about 2 miles from my house. I ride my bike there, which isn't like running 2 miles but still, when I start my sprints I've already been working. Then after the sprints I have to ride home.

    I try to stay away from jogging because it's high on impact. In a sprint you are propelling yourself forward, in a jog you are just landing over and over. (unless you keep a fairly fast pace like a mile runner) I could be wrong about that but that's how it feels to me, like landing. I really want to preserve my knees.

    My Dad is 76 now and has a bad knee. He can't have surgery because of his heart. Seeing him hobble around, it scares me a little. I kicked a lot of trees and walls growing up and jumped off of a lot of high things so I've been trying to take it easy on my knees now that I'm older. Still, I do hurdle courses once in a while, leg presses and I'm rebuilding my obstacle course so I'm not a total wus about my knees. I just think more about longevity now that I am older than I did when I was a kid.

    I had a slight ACL tear playing football last year and I pulled three muscles in my groin/leg at work a while before that so I just try to be more careful now. Taking time off from training really costs you. It's best to play it safe and be nice to yourself.

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    Phrost -
    Fartlek runs?
    Isn't that just interval training?
    Everyone from Bill Phillips to Bruce Lee has that in their books...

    9chambers -

    I'm also careful with my knees but there is no need to be over cautious.

    Cumulative damage to knees is most common for people that do a LOT of running.

    If you jog a few times a week you should do fine.
    There are so many people that run/sprint every day! and thats where most of the knee damage stories come from.

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    Whatever my coaches tell me to do.

    Right now it looks like this:
    Mon. Wed. & Fri. morning: Three mile run. Strenght Training. Breakfast. Noon: 1 hour grappling 1 hour stand up training then Lunch. Evening: All out sparring. Dinner.
    Tues. & Thurs. 3 mile run. Sprint Drills. 5 rounds focus mitt and bag work 1 hour ground work.
    Noon: Lunch. Evening: Kickboxing. Dinner
    Sunday: Snore more.

    Go away I'm talking to myself

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    For the record guys I hate everybody right now. I'm on that stupid no carb diet with this fucking workout and I"m going to take it out on everybody at the bash!!!!!

    Go away I'm talking to myself

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    Having been in the military for over a decade, my knees are history. I am no longer allowed to run for fitness training because of the damage to my knees as well as the two herniated discs I have (thanks Uncle Sam!!!).

    I got turned on to Pavel Tsatsouline's training regimen about 6 months ago. I haven't worked out so hard and felt so good afterward (and by that I mean remaining mobile and pain free) for years and years.

    Here is my current workout (three times per week):

    3 sets 15 reps two handed kettlebell (KB) swings;
    3 sets 10 reps one handed KB swings (which amounts to 6 sets, 3 on each hand)
    3 sets of 5 reps KB military press
    3 sets of 5 reps side press
    3 sets of 5 reps bench or incline bench press
    3 sets of 5 reps deadlift or Romanian deadlift
    35 bodyweight squats (with Pavel's routine, squats don't stop at a chair seat height - you go all the way down and all the way up for a number of reps equal to your age)
    3 sets of 5 reps Turkish get-ups (which amounts to 6 sets, 3 on each side)

    That usually smokes me pretty well...

    On top of that I do forms every day, basic techniques every day, and on the weekends I train full contact (read - I get beat like the new bitch in prison) with my senior, Chufeng.

    Good stuff. Drops weight fast (I lost 7 pounds the first week I started doing KB lifting), extremely fast results... Good stuff. I recommend it highly.


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    My Dad ran track and cross country all through school and then coached track, basketball, tennis etc .. he was also a semi-pro tennis player. I guess that is where his bad knees came from.

    I don't run sprints every day. Two days a week. Hurdles one day a week. The hurdles will be swallowed up by the obstacle course so again, once a week. I love laps on the short-range obstacle course because it totally uses you up. You crawl over to the Gatorade. But you can't do that every day. Especially if you want to gain any muscle mass.

    I over-trained a lot when I was younger. I learned to take it easy. I'll post my schedule later. I have to be up at 6:30 to get ready for work. I better go to bed.

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