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    Hello everyone. Great site. I really dig what you are trying to accomplish here.

    So, with all the talk about what is wrong with schools, I was wondering: Are there things that you don't like about your school that you choose to ignore because you like the training. I'll give you some examples of what I am dealing with right now..

    1). My school seems to have a "shady" reputation. I would prefer not to go into any detail just yet.

    2). Prices have gone from "affordable", to "Are you kidding", with all new ways to charge you..

    3). I might just be paranoid, but lately I've noticed some "cultish" behavior.... "The Grand Master is an amazing human being." and all that horseshit! It is driving me nuts!

    However, I do enjoy the training. We spar, we have conditioning, and I like the system alot. Although we are a non-competitive school, I do have instructors who have competed and done well in NHB tournaments...

    Anyway... Pros and Cons.. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    if you llike the training, just dont get involved in the bullshit. every karate school has some form of politics.

    you go there to train, just continue what your doing. unless they are doing unethical illegal things, i would not be concerned.

    can you be specific about "cultish" behavior?

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    never ignore something you don't like.
    it is your school too...
    you might want to look into other schools in the area. Maybe there is something more suitable for you

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    1) Everybody and everything is at one point shady. I know you said you wouldn't like to go into detail, but it helps to say what they are shady about without going into graphic detail.

    2) Sometimes schools rent/leasing goes up, insurance rates jump, eletricity isn't as affordable as it was when the school first open, ect. Are some common reaons why school pricing will go up, but are they introducing new programs that seem "exciting" with other catch phrases or are they just introducing new pricing structures to make the raise in cost more accomodating to people?

    3) Is it more than one person doing? sometimes people fall into hero worship without realizing it. If it's the whole school falling to it's knees at the mere thought of the grand master, of course that's another story.

    From what it sounds like it doesn't like your training has suffered which is the foot prints when saying a school is "going mcdojo". Are there other people at your school that feel the same way?

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    Yeah it sounds like it is going on the long dark path to mcdojo. If you enjoy stay untill it gets to bad.
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    Hmm.. just guessing.. are you in TKF?

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    Just go to a full contact place, liek a MT, boxing, BJJ , wrestling or MMA place etc - problem solved.

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    Jeez Blade, people joke around but your answer to everything really is do MT, boxing, BJJ, wrestling and everything will be fine. :)

    Winston -
    If you have moral or ethical problems with the school you are at, it is not the school for you.

    If there is some other reason you are staying (ie. can't afford anything else, can't travel anywhere else, stuck in a contract for the moment, etC) then just distance yourself from the stuff you don't agree with.

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    "1). My school seems to have a "shady" reputation. I would prefer not to go into any detail just yet."
    ? um......
    do a bunch of "thugs" or leather-clad guys on motorcycles hang with your master guy?

    "Hmm.. just guessing.. are you in TKF?"
    what's TKF? TOTAL KUNG FU!!!!!!

    "If there is some other reason you are staying (ie. can't afford anything else"
    afford? :)

    "3). I might just be paranoid, but lately I've noticed some "cultish" behavior.... "The Grand Master is an amazing human being." and all that horseshit! It is driving me nuts!"
    does he walk in with mist and fog and gongs?
    or is he the bright lights and dance music type of guy?

    seriously some people MAY do it unconsciously when they have been "wowed" by something they have never seen before....

    Just look at stuff on TV, bricks smashed on you and what not.....

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    As for shady, yes, we'll need details, but just remember that many boxing gyms that are hardcore competitive don't exactly get the cream of the crop from society. Many times you'll encounter unsavory types. But that's just how it is. It's your choice what environment you're willing to put yourself into.


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