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    What is the difference really.
    If the first class is free, just go and do it.

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    After the first page:

    "Bizarre. My school allows people to watch all sessions, to take part in them, and even to come in every once in awhile and train without paying, as long as they don't take that to an extreme."
    pretty much the same here

    Jamoke-"a good karate school should not let you observe. it makes the others feel uncomfortable. i dont want somebody i dont fukking know watching me, it would make me feel this guy is evaluating me.

    dont you think its better if you actually try the class. a school that lets you try a class is more classy than just letting someone come in and watch.

    you cant tell by watching or even trying one class. find a school that has NO CONTRACTS and if you dont like what they teach you can move on"
    yeah i totally agree....
    i hate people watching me, i'd rather them come on and participate....that way i can teach them something and they can get a feel of the way people act....

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    the scheules here...why did you bother asking? coulda just went straight to asking hi if you could watch.

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