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    why not?

    are you educating or changing anyone by flaming?

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    you come here to be educated?

    c'mon guy!!!

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    KC Elbows
    Until the troll club is sent back to whatever sites they normally conduct their self abuse from, posting here is gonna be an uphill battle, as valid posts are buried under this garbage, and while I don't necessarily agree with Marty's methods, he's basically right.

    Notice he mocks the goal of the troll club(to be basically the top dog of an imaginary place), and the troll club responds by saying they do it better than him. Even THEY prove his point here.

    Tolerating these morons is not making this forum better, either.

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    no, I come here to educate morons like you

    >> To be bound by traditional martial art style or styles is the way of the mindless, enslaved martial artist, but to be inspired by the traditional martial art and to achieve further heights is the way of genius. - Bruce Lee

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    Your NEVER going to educate that MONGREL. You would have a better chance of teaching a monkey card tricks.

    "Do not become entranced by impractical or useless movements. Do not be categorized as one who "Learns all there is to know about less and less until he ends up learning everything there is to know about nothing." -Ed Parker

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    "All warfare is based on deception." -Sun Tzu, ca. 400BC

    Reverse punch Kiaii!!!

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    Kungfoolish said>>Hmmm, I don't ever recall referring to myself as a SCARS certified instructor,I said the way you post & run the forum or should I say talk down to people, I think Jhran has a valied question!(Jhran, you should ask yourself this single and pertinent question, why should my background matter)I say It does matter to me & I would think to all in your forum. KF>>(One hardly needs to be SCARS level 1 instructor to share his knowledge with another)I say The way you post doesn't come across that way.What does SCARS practitioners?? What makes you authority of SCARS or to run this forum? Have you been to a SCARS camp? What are your experiences in self Defense or to SCARS? Do you have any certifications form SCARS or any to talk about? Don't try to belittle or criticze people until you can show your background Why should people on here respect your opinions? You should more humble to others if you don't have any certifications from SCARS you don't have that right.To acted like an SCARS instructor or like authority. It's a FORUM that all it is, give your opinion & your experiences don't try to sound like someone your not! HOW TO BE A BIG MAN ON A WEB FORUM! This guy wrote the book!!

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