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    pst, that's pretty easy to circumnavigate. if there are 2 or more versions of a story and they are equally (un)verifiable, then all that needs to happen is to post the various versions with the notation that such-an-such organization has this as the "official" story, while the other organization claims this, etc. So long as it is clearly delineated whose versions of disputed info are listed then we can allow for many sides to be told.

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    Here's another suggestion Phrost. Every say three months, the moderator or someone he/JKD chick, delegates such authority to, should go through a thread and delete posts that have no no relevent historical information. sometimes people ask a question that is answered for example but their post need not be preserved. Just a thought to make things more readable.

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    Seeing how this discussion is limited to a certain group of members as it is, we're going to pretty much wing it until it gets too unruly.

    The main point of this forum is "Consensus" and we should be striving to come to one if not on each major art, than on facts relating to it.

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