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    This question is more for omega than anyone else, but if you have any documentation it would be helpful.

    Are you allowed to hit someone with your cup in a MMA match? For example, if you are in the n-s Position, and you just whack your opponent's face with your cup(especially if it's a steel one). It seems like it would hurt...

    Anyhow, danny thought up this question, but he's too embarassed to post it...

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    Don't blame me for this one, you're the one that tried it out. Bastard.


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    Why you would ask me this question is way beyond me but the answer is yes. You can technically hit somebody with your cup. A long time ago there were no rules in even bringing weapons to the ring. I'll have to try this at my next practice.

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    Look familiar?

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    I had my lip split by a cup once. Even with the lip split, it was better than if the guy was not wearing it.
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    lol at this thread!!!

    **** that would be funny to see in UFC

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    nut-butting? ha...

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    Someone over at ADCC mentioned that he used an underhook to move his opponent's arm to make it look like he was tapping, and the ref bought it.

    Now that's a pretty good technique.

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    haha, smart fighting

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    "Don't blame me for this one, you're the one that tried it out. Bastard."

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