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    Bitch. Yes Peedee Shaolin you are the real deal bitch.

    And a MMA Dork. LOL!

    I thought it was possible that you weren't, but when you decided that you scared me off just because I did not reply right away, is enough evidence to lead us to believe that you are in fact a dork.

    You always have excuses too! First you say forms suck, then you say they are good. You contradict yourself a lot.
    When i bring up Sugar Ray, instead of saying forms actually have value, you say, "yeah but only because of this and that"
    OK. So what then? Are you saying forms have value? Or are you saying they don't? No excuses or your cheesy little reasoning. Just the truth, or is that too much for you?

    Another funny one about you...LOL.... You break baseball bats with your kicks. LOL! What a dork you really must be! Hahaha! Maybe we call you Tong Po form now on. Do you also kick the beam and plaster falls from the ceiling? LOL! You could have used the bat to discover how it can be used by and against you in combat, but instead you tried to kick it with your shin. hahahaha! You must be a real tough guy!

    Whenever I call Bullshit on you what do you say...."well, this guy can kick your ass because he is the best at what they do and you are in your mom's basement...."
    hahaha! You lack the knowledge to even discuss weaponry, so all you do is bring up the Dogbrothers, and peole in a basement and expect us to believe that you know what you are talking about. LOL! ,"You will never see anyone is a fight use the stances taught in ANY forms effectively. They are handcuffs on your ability."
    LOL! So I guess the footwork used by the guy you always bring up, Eric Knauss, has nothing to do with the forms he learned? You really do not know what you're talking about.

    Just admit it Peedee Shaolin. The only thing you have to offer is already obvious to us. You have nothing new or unique to contribute. All you do is bag on schools, and when you don't do that, you tell us the same things we can already hear from the UFC commentators.

    Now, are you McDojo? Probably not. But I'm sure at one point you were a McDojo because you used to train by kicking a Louisville slugger
    You are not McDojo. You are more like Denny's or Applebees. A step up above McDojo, but when you look at the menu, it's still the same bullshit that believes it is better and different, but essentially it is the same thing and does not even realize it.

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    Oh yeah, make no mistake, Peedee Shaolin is a troll who tries to pass off as the real deal.

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    BJJ, Karate,
    Yup...thats what I am...If his guy isnt McDojo's version of Wickersnatch I'll get my coat....

    If you knew ANYTHING you'd know that attempting to break a bat is a signature of Kyokushin. You DONT know anything about it tho, so I wont touch on THAT point.

    I studied Traditional Arts and DID study weaponry. I have experience in MANY weapons. I really dont care if you believe me or not, because your probably Knifer or one of his friends. And your calling ME a troll! LOL!

    The part about you and your mothers basement CANNOT be argued man. your a geek that is terribly offended by the things I said. Go back to your buddy knifer.

    Look at this guys picture in his profile and tell me this guy is for real.

    I STILL made every point you made on the other thread look ridiculous. Your still mad about that huh? Well SORRY!! HAHA!!

    Sorry I didnt reply last night but I actually have a LIFE. HAHA!! I had FRIENDS to see and I wasnt stuck home like SOME people.... <img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>

    "Do not become entranced by impractical or useless movements. Do not be categorized as one who "Learns all there is to know about less and less until he ends up learning everything there is to know about nothing." -Ed Parker
    "All warfare is based on deception." -Sun Tzu, ca. 400BC

    Reverse punch Kiaii!!!

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    Man you fucking cocksuckers lay off peedee, I bet my imac he could kick all your fucking ass's. Hes a badass who actually knows how to street fight so lay the **** off his nuts. (hey if your looking for a dick to suck go find migo)

    Migos heteroasexually challaged (everyone all the time)


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