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    The year: 1988

    The Gracie brothers, including Rickson and a very young Royce, with their top students visit a Judo school to demonstrate GJJ's effectiveness.

    Hilarity ensues.

    Listen closely to the audio. The best part is when the Judo instructors have to stop the class to have Rorion explain to the GJJ guys that saying "Mate" is the same as tapping. Nobody bothered to explain to the Judokas what tapping meant, which was funny because unlike the Judokas, none of the GJJ guys got put in a position where it was necessary to signal a submission.

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    the "hilarity ensues" link doesn't work

    But I would like to listen do that clip.

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    Fixed the link.

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    Hard to tell who was BJJ or Judo without being able to see the Gracie logo on the back at times. Of course though, Judo with no newaza is going to get smacked by BJJ which has newaza for its bread and butter.

    And another thing... Yes, Brazilians can grapple, but man do they suck ass at making cameras. Can't have it all, I guess.

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    That was funny.
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    It looks like that snuck that camera in and did a pretty bad job at capturing it on the computer, it was very hard to watch.

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    Yeah, I wish the quality was higher. But it was still priceless.

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    Excellent clip and amusing to watch, a classic amongst MA clips on the net. Lol at them arguing towards the end, confusion ensues as well as
    differing of opinions.

    - I don't think they used computers much back then
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