i've been a bouncer supervisor for a few years and i wish i had a couple of female boucers that worked for me. I hate dealing with drunk chicks

Hey Jim, welcome. Wait a minute, let me give you the customary, "STFU N00B".

Yeah, I know what you are saying I did some door work in the past. Women are worse to handle then men. There are just some things men won't do to each other no matter what. I had one so f'ing drunk that when I was escorting her out the door, politely, I might add, she decided to use me as a tampon dispenser. She was whacked. I didn't know what to do, I just kept dragging her to the door. Thankfully her friends stopped her from ripping out her tampon before I got her out the freaking club. What I would have given for a woman bouncer that night!

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