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    Wassup brothah,
    Just wanted to let you know theres a guy at defend.net posting as your screenname and being a total retard and most of all hes not even close to being as fooking funny as your replies would be. All us ADCC posters who post there knows that isnt you bro. Heres the link http://www.defend.net/deluxeforums/s...;threadid=5635

    Thought you should know.

    The Rorny One

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    Man what a dick! It looks like have a following of homosexual groupies! Its like im the martial arts version of a Backstreet Boy, only instead of sexy co-eds I get nerdy, gay martial arts trekkies.... Woe the luck....

    "Do not become entranced by impractical or useless movements. Do not be categorized as one who "Learns all there is to know about less and less until he ends up learning everything there is to know about nothing." -Ed Parker
    "All warfare is based on deception." -Sun Tzu, ca. 400BC

    Reverse punch Kiaii!!!


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