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    P-deedy follows up his first article in the "What is a McDojo" series with this piece.

    This is America guys, and EVERYONE wants to make a buck. Chances are if I "Want it" then there is someone willing to sell it to me. And I KNOW that if there is someone willing to sell it to me than there are 3 more who are willing to sell it to me FASTER than the other guy. And for every 3 willing to sell it to me faster than the other guy there are 10 who sell it to me just as fast and cheaper too. We're able to buy Cheese in a spray can folks. And electronic dogs for our kids to play with....are you really going to sit there and tell me you find it hard to believe that someone can put a price tag on a strip of black cloth?

    As always, feel free to add your comments when you rate the articles.

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    Is that it?


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