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    Introducing ex-instructors to aliveness

    Here's my situation. I trained in a traditional jitsu style for about 2 years. This April, I started BJJ and trained in both for about 2 months. I started reading online about BJJ and found this site. Through this site, I found some Matt Thornton videos and realized how much I didn't want to spend time training in a style with aikido levels of compliance and almost no randori. Last week, I sent my traditional teachers an email saying I was going to concentrate on the BJJ, thanks for all they'd taught me without going into my problems with it.

    Now the head instructor, who is a very open-minded fellow and loves teaching, would like to know why I quit and I'd like him to take a look at the aliveness concepts but am not sure what the best primer would be. So far, I'm thinking that 8 minute Thornton video ( http://youtube.com/watch?v=OplajPk-K...att%20thornton ) but if you guys know any better ones or have had this expierence before, I'd love your help.


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    I just added a couple articles that you may find useful:More coming soon.


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