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Yeah, seen this before. I'd kill my guys if they couldn't throw correctly. I was teachin kickboxing last night:

"Okay guys we need to learn to snap the punches, grab the kicking target"

Kempo new guy "We're going to punch these?"

*Blank look on face-count down 3 seconds "Yes, we're going to punch these...So (getting into a fighting stance) I want you to snap the punches so you hear these things snap, if they don't snap that mean you pushing your punches in, you won't get the action that you want"

New guy "wait, when do you snap the punch?"

Blank look

New guy "do you snap it going in or going out"


New guy "which one do you mean yes?"

"Same speed out same speed back, snap it"

New girl hits the pad while I'm talking and you hear a snap...

"Like that"

New girl "I did it right?"

"Yes, that was quite impressive show me again"

New girl hits it over and over, snaps it everytime

"Show off..."

New Guy "When do you power through"

"You don't"

New Guy "I don't get it"

"Practice you will"

New Guy "how do you knock a guy out then?"

"you hit them"

New guy "no, when do you throw the power punch?"

"Right now"

New guy "but I thought you said we're snapping it"

"I did, the differance between how you throw a power punch and a jabbing punch is how far you commit and penetrate. One way or the other you snap the punch. Never look for a knock out, knock outs just happen"

New guy "Like she's doing?"

"sure, why not...." walks away...
someday I have to find a way out to watch you teach.