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    First, that SF Machete looks like it was designed by a committee composed of the Ministers of Defence for both Italy and France, Fat Phil, and whatever D&D-playing geeks they could round up from outside the comics store.

    Second, I got my hands on the Cold Steel Magnum Kukhri recently. Essentially a mix of machete, kukhri and bolo, works okay on the chop, works really well when you emphasize drawing the edge on the cut.

    Third, every military unit since the formation of the 3rd Battn. of Cro-Magnon Fusilliers has found that access to short, robust cutting implements improves a soldier's camp life dramatically.

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    I don't really see the point in that fantasy wannabe machete. Why **** with a design that serves it's purpose just fine?
    Besides, everyone knows SF guys don't need to carry big melee weapons. They combine thier l33t ass kicking skills with the standard issue spring out blades in the toes of thier boots.

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    I apporached this thread with the same attitude I get when you watch that scene in Preadator where the Native American goes off to fight the Preadator: you want the big knife to win, but you know in the end its just not the best solution.

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    Worden is for real

    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Collar View Post
    Kelly Worden is an instructor to a group of SF guys, but not the entire SF community. He's using some creative license with that fact to appear more prolific and important than he really is. This is quite common with those "tactical Tommy" clowns. :jerkit2yf Worden's affilitaion with the SF community in Ft. Lewis is based more on a cost-effective, half-way decent product in a convenient location rather than the government seeking out the biggest and baddest combatives expert. They could have hired Frank Dux or Ashida Kim for if they wanted the best money could buy. :ninjadanc :XXpuke:

    This new development regarding his latest fantasy blade isn't surprising. Worden's WORTAC by Timberline is an obvious knock-off of the Crawford Carnivore. Why wouldn't he rip someone else off to make a buck with Ontario? I'll have to pick up the latest issue of Knives Illustrated to read more, but it certainly sounds like somebody's been de-bunked.


    I can verify from knowing Kelly and training with him when I was in 1st Special Forces Group that Kelly Worden is no joke and about bushido not bullshido. Kelly was one of 2 1st Group H2H instructors for many years. Kelly has got to be in his 60's these days but let me expand on him, he grew up boxing and folk wrestling, he was a sparring partner who had trained and worked with Sugar Ray Seales. I know this because we ran in the same circles. Kelly is a no B.S. H2H instructor he can and will back up anything he teaches, if it doesn't work he won't teach it and there is only one way to know.

    As far as his blade I have never used it being as I am a 10th Group SF guy these days but I know that the 1st Groupers and 7th as well do need those going into SW asia and S. America. These types of blades are common weapons in the PI. Furthermore him living in the Pacific NW the blade makes perfect sense which gives it status for cover as to why you would have one if you haven't been in the woods in the region you wouldn't understand. I would however endorse Kelly's blade considering that many of his students are from the SW asia region to include 1st SFG types.

    I fully support Kelly's trying to make some money with a legit product he is the real deal. There are alot of Bullshido types who taught little kids Karate and then to drum up business did a 3 week certification course to also train Krav Maga this I assure you is not Kelly Worden.

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    Kelly's legit, but I still hate that damn machete.

    Plus, an 8-year thread necro?

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