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    I know there has been a lot of ninja stuff on this site lately, so sorry about that.
    Anyway, having seen the extend to which ninjitsu seems to hav penetrated australia and the US, I thought I would see how bad its got here...
    They have stealthily infiltrated and are now nationwide. One of them detailed below talks about them winning vale tudo tournaments. I have examined some of these sites and found a few notable things. Firstly we have Yamajutsu Kai. They have four schools in NZ (all in the north island so I guess they graded up to swimming or flying yet).
    Even a quick browse through the site reveals its crap training. But it does seem to be well intentioned crap training. They don't make too many outrageous claims and the history section seems thorough (although i have no idea hopw accurate). Notably absent is the usual masks and ccrawling through the undergrowth.
    I think the instructors actually believe in what they are teaching and are not deliberately teaching poopy. Although I had to chuckle at the spell casting information below:


    Next we have our friends, Bujinkan (yes, even they have made it to our shores).
    Their is little on their site at all, so I cant really chuckle much (apart from the picture of the guy in full samurai attire). They appear to have three setups in NZ, one in my home town.

    Then we have Togakure Ryu (hidden door school). These guys have 5 branches nz all in the greater auckland area. The had one in wellington a decade or so ago but it died.
    They seem to link to a bjj site as well, and i found this interesting statement about their leader "Sensei Gent was awarded his purple belt by the first australasian blackbelt machado student, John Will".
    Here is another claim that I am curious about "Our school has entered and organised (and won) in Vale Tudo, which is portugese for "No Rules" fighting."
    Followed on another page by this "First to introduce Vale Tudo or No Holds barred fighting to NZ". This is especially interesting in regard of the fact that ion NZ one of the things Togakure was known for was that apparently they strictly do NO sparring at all.
    Unfortunately there are no videos of them training or fighting there which limits our ability to examine these. This lends me to two posssibilities:
    A). Either they are totally full of ****
    B). They have kept the ninja name but actually started teaching some kind of MMA type affair in a modern way.
    Any ideas?
    Anyway, here is their site:


    Now things get interesting. I have posted about the fourth group oine before so have set a link to my first post. But in short they are a study in contrasts. On the one hand we have TOTAL MEGA LARPING (so glad i found out what that word meant) and on the other hand we have high standard performance.
    To elaborate, the site is loaded with pictures of guys in ninja gear crawling through rivers , meditating on a bridge and doing other crap . But then again the VERY SAME club are doing extremely well in kickboxing events. Someone shoot me... this is just tooooo weird!


    A little odd. I think this must be a self named style. i have run the name Kokuryu through every search I could and in terms of MA it only ever returned this one place (i dont just mean nz, i mean anywhere). The term most often game up as an anime production company.

    Anyway, conclusions. From examining these websites (i know its a limited method) I have made a few general observations. Firstly, there is considerably less overt extravagant ninja flamboyance on the nz sites (exception of the last one) than one tends to find on most ninja sites.
    Secondly, there does seem to be a a greater willingness to incorporate (or at least claim to incorporate) more realistic things like bjj and kickboxing.
    Thirdly, there is a definite lack of video footage. This is in stark contrast to most ninja sites i have seen elsewhere in the world and really upsetting because we dont have anything funny to watch.
    So have any nzers out there been to any one of these places?
    Any opininions on the spread of ninjitsu and its adaptive changes when permeating other areas?
    Well.... anyone got anything to say at all?

    This last one is not NZ specific but I came across it so stuckj in in for a larf. Its our old bud Frankie


    and also this (phil elmore pulling the piss out of ashida kim. Theres something really funny about that)


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    Look at the bright side Pong, ShaolinDo, Fang Shen Do and numerous other have yet to land on your beaches. Be glad about that.


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