Brawler sprays tear gas causing mayhem in Akasaka

Mainichi Shimbun,

May 24, 2003

A crowded section of the Akasaka entertainment district in Tokyo was thrown into mayhem on Friday night when a man in a fight sprayed tear gas at his foe, causing many onlookers to suffer from sore eyes and throats. After some 13 women and seven men in the area complained of eye and throat irritations, the Tokyo fire department dispatched a staggering 13 ambulances to the scene and escorted the injured to a nearby hospital.

The two men fled before police officers arrived at the scene. The fighting between the two men erupted at about 6 p.m. near Akasaka-Mitsuke Station of the subway Ginza and Marunouchi lines, when many company workers were heading toward the station, the officers said.

One of the men looked to be about 45 years old and wore a black shirt and trousers. His opponent was in his 30s and wore a suit, the officers quoted onlookers as saying.