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    Bill O'Reilly Takes on the UFC

    FOX News pundit Bill O'Reilly faced off against UFC President Dana White and Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin in a discussion about the legalization of mixed martial arts Wednesday evening.

    The discussion was plagued with unclear argumentation, particularly from White and O'Reilly, which resulted in both sides thinking they were right and at-home viewers struggling to find the accurate side to take.

    O'Reilly, who constantly mentioned boxing's role in Muhammad Ali's Parkinson's Disease, argued that MMA was even worse since kicking and other offensive manuevers were allowed. He cited a British study that MMA fights cause 48 concussions per thousand, while boxing bouts only cause nineteen per thousand. He also wondered, assuming the money was not vast, what the motivation for fighting could be.

    White stuck to the talking point that "no serious injuries or deaths" have ever resulted from UFC competition. He began to address the strategy differences that make boxing more dangerous than MMA, but he never fully accomplished that goal and kept throwing out his main talking point. He also contested O'Reilly's claim that boxing played a role in Ali's Parkinson's.

    Franklin argued that professional MMA has evolved into a safe sport due to regulation and rules changes, and it's one that allows him to fulfill his dream of being a professional athlete while remaining in good shape. While he did acknowledge that there are some risks associated with MMA competition, he does not feel unsafe, and finds his new job far more rewarding than his days as a high school teacher.
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    O'Reilly is an ass, which aint even news really....

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    O'reilly is an ass, almost all his "arguments" end in both sides thinking they are right.

    The only time I ever saw the show (I never sat through a whole one without getting disgusted at O'reilly) and people were in total agreement was the 5 minuite clip that seemed like the "**** on ann coulter show" where every guest and O'reilly himself were bashing her for her statements about the 9-11 wives.

    I guess even a crazy whackjob like O'reilly can have a moment of lucidity in his life.

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    Here is the video for those who missed it.

    And here is a transcript of the show…

    BILL O’RIELLY: The question is should Ultimate Fighting be banned throughout the United States. Joining us now from Las Vegas is Dana White president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and from Salt Lake City, Rich Franklin, the UFC world middleweight champion.


    DANA WHITE: Nice to be here.

    O’REILLY: (interrupts): Okay but here’s the point, here’s the point. This is a brutal business, everybody knows it. You are selling brutality. People come to see it because they want to see violence and there is no question about that. Is it, is it, why is it worth it to you to do it. Is it money?

    FRANKLIN: Well you know first of all Bill, I used to be a high school teacher…

    O’REILLY: (interrupts) Alright, but do you do it for money? I mean because there’s not much money in it is there? How much money do you make a year?

    FRANKLIN: I make way more money than I would have made as a teacher and to say that I’m not money motivated, would be a lie but that’s not the only reason why I do this. I can wake up in the morning and teach mathematics and grade papers all day long or I can come in the gym and work out. This is something I’d be doing anyway, I have a passion for combat.

    O’REILLY: (interrupts) But you would make more money in Pride, isn’t that true?

    FRANKLIN: Umm…

    O’REILLY: (interrupt) Now Mr. White, you can surely understand when we see someone like Fedor Emelianenko making upwards of a million dollars a fight, and then you pay this Arlovski guy less than one tenth of that. Doesn’t that prove that you’re a cheap bastard?

    WHITE: Not at all. This is Ultimate Fighting and there is no correlation between Pride and the UFC…

    O’REILLY: (interrupts) Well what do you mean?

    WHITE: This sport is actually better than Pri...Japan, because we have a cage!

    O’REILLY: (interrupts) This is better than Pride where you can soccer kick people? Come on!

    WHITE: Absolutely, the goal in the UFC is to stand in front of each other for 15 minuets and throw crappy punches, or to take it to the ground and lay on top of the other guy and throw crappy punches. And this sport there is several ways to win; unanimous decision, split decision…

    O’REILLY: (interrupts) Well let me get this straight. Mr. White you are telling me that you’re charging fourty plus dollars for a pay per view that has several boring rematches and a bunch of TUF wannabies. Come on, who’s going to buy that?

    WHITE: We sold out the Staples Center…

    O’REILLY: (interrupts) No you diddn’t! I have the report right here, you…

    WHITE: (interrupts) We…

    O’REILLY: (interrupts) Alright, but there has been a British study that shows that you sold less than 8,000 seats for the last UFC! You’re spinning Dana…

    WHITE: (interrupts) In what way? Where’s the foundation? There has never been…

    O’REILLY: (interrupts) Let me give you a stat. 8,000 out of 18,000 seats sold…and Pride routinely sells out over 49,000 seat venues…

    WHITE: (interrupts) Interesting.

    O’REILLY: (interrupts) And you’re telling me that you haven’t seen that much of Fedor, and you don’t know how good he really is? Come on!

    WHITE: Well, Tim Silvia has heavy hands…

    O’REILLY: (interrupts) Alright, Mr. Franklin one more. How long are you going to do this and are you worried you are never going to get to fight in Pride?

    FRANKLIN: I’m not worried I am going to wind up like Chuck Liddell at all…

    WHITE: (interrupts) What’s wrong with Chuck Liddell? Chuck Liddell has heavy hands…

    O’REILLY: (interrupts) But he got the **** beaten out of him by Rampage Jackson and everybody acknowledges it.

    WHITE: Is that a fact doctor?

    O’REILLY: (interrupts) Yes.

    WHITE: Chuck beat Overeem…(mic gets cut)



    O’REILLY: Again Mr. Franklin, how long are you going to be stuck in the UFC?

    FRANKLIN: As long as I’m under contract I’ll keep fighting.

    O’REILLY: And you’re not worried that when you’re 45 you’ll end up like Mohammed Ali?

    FRANKLIN: You mean black?

    O’REILLY: (interrupts) Alright gentleman, we appreciate you coming on.
    Mauro: Coming into the ring now is Giant Silva. 7 foot 2, 385 lbs, making his debut in Pride.
    Bas: Wow, that is one big guy!
    Mauro: He must have an enormous Johnson!
    Bas: Ur…I suppose.
    Mauro: What are his keys to victory here in the Pride ring tonight?
    Bas: Well I think he needs to use his reach, avoid Heaths takedowns, and try to use his size to overpower him.
    Mauro: I mean, imagine the size of that thing!
    Bas: Now Heath is coming into the ring…
    Mauro: Do women really like them that big? Doesn’t it hurt?
    Bas: I really wouldn’t know.
    Mauro: I’m starting to feel a little insecure.
    Bas: Let’s just talk about the fight.
    Mauro: You’re right, el Basito. What are Heaths keys to winning here tonight. What does he have to do? What are his strategies for emerging victorious here in the Saitama Super Arena tonight?
    Bas: Well, the first thing…
    Mauro: My wife says she doesn’t like them too big, that it’s all about how you use it.
    Bas: That’s not what she told me.

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    O'REILLY: I am crushing your head! I am crushing your head!

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    That was beautiful Ted.

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    You almost made me spit out my coffee, TD.
    Were's that positive rep button again?

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    Someone should point out to Mr ORLY that football has practice (4.2) and game (37.0) injury rates per 1,000. Source NCAA.

    Maybe we should ban football
    "a martial art that has no rules is nothing but violence" - Kenji Tomiki

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    I should point out that by injury they mean.


    A reportable injury in the Injury Surveillance System is defined as one that:

    1. Occurred as a result of participation in an organized intercollegiate practice or game, and

    2. Required medical attention by a team athletic trainer or physician, and

    3. Resulted in restriction of the student-athlete's participation or performance for one or more days beyond the day of injury.
    "a martial art that has no rules is nothing but violence" - Kenji Tomiki

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