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As for Muay Thai (or Mauy Thai as Coda calls it). I do teach Kickboxing, but in the style of hardcore full contact sparring with boxing punches that made it big in the 70's. I do have a Muay thai coach, but would never label myself a Muay Thai guy. Both aspects of Kickboxing have there pluses and minuses. Like all MA's, you get what you take from it...nothing more.
Ahh Kempoist, you've brought up a subject I am very interested in, that that is the comparason of 70's rules kickboxing vs. well... 90's rules kickboxing. Basically, USA 70's rules kickboxing was essentially boxing rules + a rule that said you had to throw something along the lines of 3 kicks per round... and no leg kicks were allowed.

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace was very successful by 70's rules kickboxing, but none of the guys that fought the same way (that I know of) lasted very long once leg kicks were common in the USA. To me, I don't see that big of a difference between 70's kickboxing and full-contact TKD competition, at least as far as the kicking technique is concerned (obviously there's a lot more punch in 70's kickboxing than in full contact TKD.)

Any thoughts about TKD vs. 70's kickboxing vs. leg-kicks-legal kickboxing?