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    Exactly what can I expect from modified Shorinji Kempo?

    As mentioned in another thread, I have found an instructor who teaches modified Shorinji Kempo to gimps.

    What are Shorinji Kempo's techniques like? I know it has ridgehands (what I call the "commando chop"), armtosses etc but the sound of the groundwork makes me feel all odd.

    Please explain.
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    well here are some links that could be usefull for you:



    I hope they will be usefull!

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    Though the emphasis differs some, the application of techniques, at least in the local SK (and it's split off now, Kyu Shin Ryu) work well in the local karate tournies, including a first or two in men's kumite at the "Bloodbath," the Wado run Utah Open. The contact level in class is maybe a little under that of Kyokushin, but last year one of their bbs did well in the SLC mma heavyweight competition (http://www.ucombat.com/Index.asp) and things like foot prints on the side of the face, bruises and such are common enough.

    The explosive attack sequences are very similar to KK, and the driving muliti strike attacks that often work OK against American eclectic, TDK, or Hawaiian Kempo, don't work well against them; they are used to that stuff. They have a long warm up, conditioning + stretching and a very regulated testing program; tests are once a year in May. My daughter is a shodan in this system and I've worked out with them plenty over the years. I was satisfied with the realism and toughness of her training - she was able to throw me well and drop me to the floor with good wrist locks and punch me hard when I used to sneak up and attack her in the kitchen. You know, the kind of games mas play with friends and family.

    IMHO the style is a blend of Okinawan type karate and Japanese JJ. There is very little ground, but they do focus some on sweeps, throws and unbalancing so the practitioners who stick with it get some practical training in clinch techniques. We watched an Aikido class and my daughter knew almost every Japanese term used and most of their techniques - they perform a lot of block/punch/dump 'em stuff, and like all JTMA arts, the commands are in Japanese.

    The best thing about it is their solidness. It's like Kyokushin in that the training is hard AND it is pretty much the same, every lesson anywhere in the world, with a solid core of a religious practice and ethic that is taken seriously. Seiza, mukuso will be learned well and the bbs all seem to aquire what my kids called, "the black belt stare."
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    ^ awesome post

    massive respect

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