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    Just starting, what is right for me?

    I'm trying to decide what martial art would be best for me. I am not very concerned with the competition side of martial arts, but more concerned about protection and simply the knowledge of how to fight. I do have one limitation however. My left shoulder does not have a full range of motion. I don't really have much pain in the shoulder and I know it can take the stress of training, as I do heavy weight training now. I am 6'2", 220 if that should be taken into consideration. What are some suggestions for the martial arts I should consider?

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    At your size, grappling would be a hoot. Wrestling of some sort, and perhaps boxing too. If you can't find an MMA gym, of course. You may find that you lose some weight while training if you're not doing too much cardio at the moment, in which case you can take up BJJ, 'cause they're all skinny mofo's :P
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