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Thread: The Omen

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnaTrocity
    Didnt stick around when the credits started?

    The people get on the boat and the movie ends...and then it picks up again in little snippets and you see things dont go so well once they reach their little island....
    I got it on DVD... shall be watching that part again!

    Quote Originally Posted by AnnaTrocity
    Every single one of the main cast members die in the original. Only one survives in the remake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fearless Ukemi
    I was not a huge fan of 28 Days. It started out looking like it was going to be great, but then the rest of the time, you're sitting there wondering when it's going to get good. By the time it ended, I was glad it had.
    Define "good". Zombie movies are by definition "bad".

    Case in point: Dawn of the Dead

    (reporter: It would appear the dead are rising from the grave because there are no more vacancies in Hell)

    *cough cough*

    28 Days Later had killer MONKEYS.
    It's a metaphor for death. Beautifully done movie.

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