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    Quote Originally Posted by Repulsive Monkey
    In the first throw, Misaki sort of hooked the leg and then did more of a trip -- that one looks more like Osoto.
    This makes the throw an osoto-gake. In the clip, the first is a gake; the second, I think, could be argued either way, gari or gake.

    From what I've seen, people attempting osoto in competition more often than not finish as a gake - it's not easy to get a proper (classical) gari in against a resisting opponent; easier to hook the leg and drive. It's also hard to set up a proper osoto-gari without the gi; you can't really draw uke into position.

    As for Repulse Monkey, in my experience there's a significant difference in footwork between judo and tai chi - well, not so much footwork, as the general theory of movement - in any case, I'm not seeing tai chi here.

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    Sorry if I mis-called the use of gake -- I just went to to search for gake throws.

    As for the differences between judo and tai chi footwork/movement, I'd like to hear your take on it. My experience has been that they're fairly similar, with the major difference being judo's emphasis on creating movement in the opponent by pulling -- but I've always chalked that up to gi usage, as opposed to a disparity in fundamental theory.

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