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    Quote Originally Posted by xingyifa
    1. This technology is not (and is not likely to be) practical for guiding bombs. Period. Trust me, I know a bit about how it works... We have plenty of other, more useful solutions for guiding and remotely detonating weapons. Further, the POINT of a human bomb is that you don't need to detonate the bomb remotely because you have a HUMAN wearing/carrying/driving it who can detonate the bomb at exactly the right time.
    you are assuming that your human bomb is willing to blow himself up. I am talking about a person who thinks he is a courier or a hostage or a spy of some sort.
    Brain monitoring software is not needed for people who are more than willing to blow themselves up.

    2. What I said was that, to my knowledge, most crimes don't involve a master criminal working behind the scenes. Regardless, this technology would be invaluable in helping law enforcement eliminate false leads and in proving a suspect committed the crime once they have been identified. A retired FBI agent working for our company estimates that this technology could be useful in 70-80 percent of crimes committed. Obviously, in crimes like abductions where law enforcement officials don't know the salient details, we don't have much that we can test a suspect for. In cases where the suspect has already been told all the facts by media or law enforcement officials, we cannot test the suspects as they already have legitimate reasons for knowing the things we are testing for. However, in most cases, there is information about a crime that only someone who was involved in the crime, and law enforcement officials know. If we can show that a suspect knows such information, but does not have legitimate reasons for doing so, then this can be (and has been) used in court as evidence for a conviction.

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    This is quite interesting too. Woman who lost both eyes 15 years ago now have partial vision again due to a visual brain implant. The future in this field will certainly be interesting.

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